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4,000 to Kshs 100,000 Monthly using Sportpesa

Sportpesatips - 4,000 to Kshs 100,000 Monthly using Sportpesa
By admin

Its no hidden secret that SPORTPESA HUNYONYA, but HUNYONYA those who have poor betting strategies and habits. Smart gamblers are making a kill while YOU continue losing day in day out. We will show you how to bet properly and make at least Kshs 100,000 each month.

First things First: You have to forget what you already know about betting. We recognize that you already have your style of betting, but if you need profits; Shelve it for now. All you need is to follow our predictions and advices including on how much to stake. 

Secondly: LEARN TO LOSE- This is a game of chance, which means that you cannot win 100% all the time; You will lose and we also LOSE and sometimes terribly. The important thing is to ensure that the WINS ARE MORE THAN THE LOSSES. 

Thirdly: You need to be disciplined and ELIMINATE EMOTIONS especially after losing a bet. LOSING IS PART AND PARCEL OF THIS GAME. If you lose, just stick to your betting strategy. 


We do not promise spectacular profits for a day like many others sites… every professional tipster knows that’s impossible! We just can GUARANTEED you that with our tips and our bankroll management you can reach nice monthly profit.


Each day, we provide you with on average 2.3 odds. In a month, we LOSE at most 6 times and win at least 24 times. 

Initial Stake: 4,000

Total Winnings= 24 x 2.5 x 4000 = 240,000

Less the Stake= 4,000 x 30  = 120,000

Profit= KSHS 120,000

As stated above, all you have to do is to follow our Predictions. To access them, you first need to REGISTER with us